I'm Not Mainstream [GOD MODE]

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LyricLee's Notes

Soo uh, people who are mainstream, tryna get me in mainstream, crossed the lines trying to make me view my own style in their perspective..well..they unleashed a MONSTER!

Chap awake writing with hypersomnia, acuminate pen forms and WRITER SONGS YA, "edge em' the INK-WELL", novella Lu Xun Ah Qs Shakespearian metamorphosis-devilistic STREAM HELL! Strappin' like the SEAT-BELT typin' these KEYS, TELL me if I'm not dope enough to be a G, WELL!? Chemisty written mixed Robert Ludlum Ab initio quantum calculations adherence immortality tomb festivals ripped cloth habiliments sniffin' macromolecular crystal wit a "Pen Name" rocking Bing Xin liquid-whipping Extractive Distillation ya TOTE A PISTOL?! Those skills SHOW THEY LITTLE, detestation trap em' in camps-meant Konzemtrationslager CONS YA TRACIN' MAJOR, bars the DROPS CONCENTRATED, DANGER stop bar-whips with inner-elements F-Block lanthanides plowin' through LAND A SLIDE-sliding bars ripping Jacks Tha Ripper back split reflections MIRROR CRACKED! Tha "dynasty" you in/Yuan mad-schemes boomin' poets a Ma Zhiyuan acid box popped em' the GAS CHAMBERS, Mona Lisa styles I'ma blow techniques call crew ART TAPERS Hip Hop resurrection RAP SAVIORS blasting joints with hallow tips. Lacking confidence opposite of gallantless way above average noise-cracking earsplitting, wonderworking HERE, SPITTING! Adverse quotient ridicule-bouncing smokin' ounces-SMOKE TO PUFF, you ain't enormous with words not KNOWN FOR TOUGH. Official individual hand-waving unbalanced natural habitat I'm the definition of EARTH-SHATTERING, Optimize these WORDS, CHATTERING! Bone-staggering you're FLOW GALLOPING under level! Recognize a demon you haven't met this OTHER DEVIL! Pessimistic nullified, FAB'd bombardment spectrometry, assemble THE MASSES atomic terrain earthquake zones, wit Chinese Operas-Chuanqi, writ-shinin' bright celestial absolute magnitude crave n' SPRAY CLIPS poppin' beats in the BASEMENTS underground spittin' scenes "playwrites" like Gao Ming-Assessed Shaoxing spits 'bout THAT LOW BLING, round the neck, popped with Epstein-Barr, spin-kickin' outlaw'd/Lord king-throne Pablo Escobar chap in the limelight rocking retro stars. Lyrical academics "shortened" like a brainstorm Spud Webb black out instrument-tones pound the DRUM SETS chilla-Skrillex fashion kick in the bass rumble like DUBSTEP! Ghost writer apprension solid-bodies evolution accretion hypothesis, over ruler like Faran Maka-"triangle shots "Illumimation tricks one-eyed abacadabra, nymph verse spitta Erythea star traveler Mythical Cosmonaut "landin' bombs" like what happened to the MAYFLOWER SHIP, strike wit bullet like in Iraq, ILL with this pen sick in the head double up the Ciroq and get ya vision-split EYES CRACKED! My up-close visual fist will slam ya in the form of IMAX!

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