The Call Back

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// Verse 1 // -
Back trackin back, past in a blast, KOS is back, addict to the rap,
I always been good at this shit, and add it to the fact,
I'm bound to attack on any track on any whack fucker and you know that.
Like I said an addict, but I ain't that bad of a habit,
heard some of you quit, oh well, that's what happens, what I say it's auto and it's matic,
you don't know what happens on the mattress of the game up in ya attic,
trust me, you don't wanna listen in just leave this shit static, I'm the kid makin hits back when,
the only "hits" were sexual assault, and I'm the fault at it,
kill a king? Yeah, it's a bold tactic, people hear about my past, and it's called "tragic",
but life fucked me over, I oughta take it's ball sack, blast it back to the days of magic,
so fuck you too 'cause I had it, but God fucked me over too, saw my joy, grabbed it,
tore it to shreds with passion, so now I'm lashin...out at you all, that's what the facts is.
"I'mma set out to be what I wannabe without a doubt undoubtedly",
heard there was a guy doubtin me, look at him now, so, how is he?
That's what I thought, he ain't out to see, no name-droppin, I ain't givin out clout for free,
in all y'alls little kid stories y'all bow to kings, so get on your knees, bitch bow to me,
talk about "Rappers", get in this, I'll show you how to be,
at first I fought the GOATs, now it's me, I'll take ya all out, I ain't goin down with three.
// Verse Two // -
I ain't need no Kid-Fans, lookin at your tracks...oh's Stan,
looks like he lost mommy and daddy at the carnival, when he got his wristband,
demonic forces you cannot withstand, I'll crash your flight, mid-land,
and I'mma be honest, your shit's bland, I let it go the course, so, it's ran.
I see the future, my vision's fateful, direct to the brain, it's nasal,
land to sea and back, I'm goin Naval, we was brothers once, but now it's like Cane and Able,
I look at you now, no wonder I can't stand an Angel.
Now, I ain't one to use the Force, but this time I'm usin it in all force,
breakin ya down, leavin you on all fours, this case is open, I'll slam it shut like car doors,
this a dark secret, not somethin to harbor, I'm not "nasty" or "mean", I'm hardcore,
have the knowledge to lead like Harvard, I'm in Maryland for a bit, I guess you can say Harford,
I can stop you "machines", I just gotta unplug all the cords, no safe-sex on all you whores,
"KOS is back to maul us!" I'm a mauler, of course!
And that's that, end of the chorus...RIOT.

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