Sex, Drugs & Money 2

• Written by  • Featuring shadowking, Trilluminatii, and Zeqiox

Kaze-E Verse:
Ah Kaze once again breaking them charts, even the recored
Bitches don't come close to my motherfucking song , haven't
You heard that I'm one of the greatest to spit a maniac verse,
I Keeping it old school since day one now I'm making my
Young homies shine till the I die, MMM creating monsters like the
Fucking frankenstein, here I combine the flow and the rhyme
Blind nigga here is another punchline, don't fuck with me
Cuz I out box fake emcees like Ali in his motherfucking prime
And I'll make sure to hit you in your perfect teeth, the motherfucker
Starts crying with a scream, aren't you yet amazed that I'm making
Cream and writing raps with incredible technique, Kaze is once again
Unleashed pulling aces from out of the sleeve!
Zeqiox Verse:
Driving to the casino Here we go.
We gonna get rich-o. Kill'em bozos. Touch your toes,
hoe. I'm aiming down low. This is just another gun show.
Though we already have the stuff, to make it blow.
We won't even injure a toe. Why? Because we're undestructable.
A fast deductible, in my bank account, multiple.
Rush time is on the double. If we get into trouble.
Play time is over motherfuckers. Get ready for the rumble
Shadowking Verse:
i aint never been a pussy or ah sucker, your bitch will still come if i told ima fuck her,
they know i pray for any muthafucka undercover watch me gutting him
i told satan he a busta i got mines, speeding with these bags till the cops fire,
shotty in my lap loading both my glock nines die slow,
shadows lurking dumping bodys watch them slide slow,
moving skeletons through graveyards eyes closed who do i know ,
save me Jesus all these demons training five o, dont trust a damn soul,
i yell yo nigga if they ask put three bullets in they ass,swisher sweets burning
discussing on making cash living fast, sinners sink in sand in Afghanistan,
on my mother i was raised to be mighty man, fuck crawling rather robbing then holding out my hands,
jail aint built to build up any simple man, been , contemplating where this knowledge get me,
know so much crooked ops out to plot and get me
TrillMonger Verse:
Money made mafia yea hoe we on the map/
The foundation is solid you cant find one crack/
If your looking for that fire bitch this is where its at/
Straight jacket raps niggas be spittin crazy facts/
Trill escaped the asylum there aint no lookin back/
When the mobs on track shit be dope like cooked crack/
Trill whippin up the hardest lyrics out from the trap/
This the type of music make you grandma get slapped/
This Gangsta shit might get your moms car jacked/
These Niggas get wacked who dont pay for the kidnap/
If you want your kids back better pay your mob tax/
Before my nigga kaze sends trill on a contract/
I bet Your ass will dead as soon as we make contact/
Everybody in MMM is trained to go for combat/
Death to all you rats getting ate by the tomcats/
Its trill on the beat yea nigga i just bombed that/

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