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This song is dedicated to many
friends that could never be replaced and we....
we still long to have them back, but at last
there gone, hope is there, we'll see them again
If i still had heart it would be aching
people fakin and playin, tryin to be a
replacement, they'll never replace you
i hate this world, i won't to escape it
if it weren't for you i probably wouldn't
make it, feel the need to start sippin
got caught in this mess now i'm slippin
thought it was yesterday, it's been
6 years i feel like i'm trippin
can't touch the sauce that i'm drippin
how dare you try out drinking out of
my cup?Do you know what i'm mixin?
i know you wishin, but you won't get a taste
Vacant and Broken is the song that i have
always sang, but they count on me, need
cake? i'm the pastry King i got the recipe
no friends but got family got enemies no
frenemies you thought you were a friend of me?
last time i had a friend he died that was
the end of me, told them Titus rest in peace
(v.2 Phoebe)
you went from my girlfriend to my best friend
went from the mall to the beaches in the shitty weather
bad as hell when together
us good never
used to trip over the soccer ball
all though she was my only downfall
then she went missing
that really hit me
she was like family
it was full of insanity
a month later her body
was found everyone was sorry
i was hanging on by a thread hardly
finally she is free
to be what she wants to be
rest in peace
R.I.P. Angie

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