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//I feel like this is kind of a J.I.D kind of song. I was listening to him while
//writing this so it was kind of inspiration
-Put emotional walls up I need defense
-Put a cross up on my neck I need Jesus
-Never grew up thinking when mom is gonna feed us
-Call you out talkin too quiet you need to speak up
-Currently staring out windows pouring outside
-So damn high like i'm soaring in sky
-Ambitions never moved as quick as trickin
-Shot em up bodies gon topple up flippin like pancakes in the kitchen
-Told em I got enough wishin for missions
that gon help me with bill expenses
-Word got around town faster than round lenses
-Worldwide rockstar rockin like Jon Lennon
-Flow is precious mind precision is so pretentious
-Lighting bolt raps Edison I am electric,
mags go too extended
-Need me a new whip gear switchin in Mercedes Benzes
-2018 Mac and X died shit it tragic
-Orange jumpsuit denied the guilt State vs. Radric
-I'm a master of my projection
no plantation master crackin new whip
-That's why I made new music I hope you don't misuse it
-Flow goes way too ruthless cage me up i'm bout to lose it
-Depression and greed jealousy weed and fantasy got me through it
-I thought you knew this
-Fly all the way to the top like news choppas
-Askin Biggie his own question like Who Shot Ya
-I aint no dad yet but I love it when you call me Big Poppa
-Dreadheads like a rasta
linguine and tortellini Chef Boyardee me like i'm pasta
-I had no other options
rap off the top of my head best answers like a pop quiz
-Glock in my Rarri drive with No Hands like i'm Waka Flockin
-Off the top i'm poppin but no glockin
no poppin caps off at cops and pedestrians when they just walkin
-This only the first part get ready for part two
-These are my Ambitonz Az A Ridah like Amaru
-That's 2pac no stoppin bodies droppin police sirens
-Ran through the parking lot droppin
outran the cops no need for street violence
-No need for dreams don't sleep no speak I scream quiet
-Just because i'm young they try to turn my pleads silent
-MJ with the dunk from free no 23 face cryin
-Fresh to death the end of me
fresh as my breath I breathe I need Trident

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