Bringing The Heat (Godly, Carnag...

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All I have these fake rapping bitches trying to taste my bullets
Coming, you wanna be something you fucking bitch goldy
Try to rumble with a nigga like me, I got free clips blasting
And motherfucking blind nigga trust me i'm coming straight
Attacking, got your blind ass panicking while I'll watch you
Dying on a rap site, you little fucking nobodies you wanna
Hold on to my dick and swing in this game, but that ain't
Happening, disses in coming like a fucking automatic
Its time to witness the magic, your critics never come close
Cuz I show no remorse for hoes Nigga lay low cuz I may get
Your head spinning like the fucking yayo, Dope Doc got scoped
In the last bitch and then he transformed irrelevance in to a
Motherfucking comic, I blasted you like a fucking atomic
While I was smoking my chronic, Chapo sucking on mmm
Until he his mouth will be full toxic, all I see you do is talk shit
While I'm on the other hand knocking snitches out with my
Flow you bitch, make a another constructive critic while sucking
The mighty luck out from my dick, and watch me make another verse
That while make you choke and make your lungs explode cuz there is too
Much smoke for you to handle, godly hold tight to your saddle cuz already
Riot ended you it was like a fucking funereal everyone had to hold for you
Broken candle, now you wanna beef with mugs cuz your out of your Jewish luck
Nigga fuck you remember when you was begging like a bitch to join MMM
Everyday you was bitching like Kaze bringing me in, the only thing that gets in is my
Dick as big as this Diss, niggaz I will be lying straight I your face that your drinking
Lean but secretly your drink my piss and feeling supreme, niggaz fuck you die slow
Every time I bust you all with my flow it's like shots coming out from the 4-4
Carnage on a rage while everyone is mishandling him with disses everyday
Godly begging everyone for sympathy while Chapo catching cumshots from his bitch niggaz
Like gunshots from the movie scene Rambo, Kaze doesn't need a collabo to kill everyone of y'all
With a sick motherfucking lyrical combo, I'm like a disease destroying rappad like ebola in
The Rebulic of Congo, I'm sticking middelfingers for y'all out from my apartment window cuz I'll
Be fucking in a fucking hurry making all of y'all fucking visions turn blurry, Chapo no wonder your
Blind when your witness me write heat so bitch shut the fuck up and sit in your seat
Make a constructive feedback now... Your hating my album? Try to write your one first Bitch!

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