Lyrical Krokadil Cypher - ft. Co...

• Written by  • Featuring CamLewis26, Consey, MugShotz, and Decimus

RIOT's Notes

This Cypher is a massive diss against "King-Carnage", "Dope_Doc", whatever the fuck he calls himself these-days. This ain't even half the people he got beef with, but, they're some of the best, so, fuck it

// Verse One - RIOT // -
Yeah, at my finest yeah, never puttin this behind us yeah,
went and got my license back, gettin better by the track,
I get it, you quit it, your mind is racked, you lost skill, time was stacked,
I know, you lookin for a higher grasp, but alts? Man why you hidin that?
You was talkin to a little girl, wanted to take her home, why don't you admit it, make her known?
get off the pedestal, you ain't worth your "Rep" in gold, scared little bitch, he's wet and cold,
got that pussy power, so go ahead, sweat that note,
we said you lost, you said it ain't true, but ain't it tho?
We know you're Seth Morales, so please, but down the anal probe.
Three thousand rep, lmao, R.I.P that,
get up in my face like a slut, huh, get back,
they call me King of this shit, KOS, for a reason uh it's fact (Damn..).
When you step in my zone I'm prone to know, this or any other diss, I can flow to both,
thought you was the President, then why don't you know the oath?
Your dick is the only thing you old folks loathe, but down the Cigar, you don't need the smoke,
you say you respect Psycho and Juz? Bitch you done cloned them both.
Why don't you just search the earth? Find out what every person's worth,
chose where you gonna rest, in a hearse, in the dirt, or in your church,
I ain't no fan of you trans, and between you and I...we both know who holds a purse...
You can either be the Fake Beef Big Mac, or a fresh corpse like Wendy's,
sayin you could break me, boy you couldn't dent know who this is...RIOT...
// Verse Two - Consey // -
Imma give this doc dope till dope doc choke
And then he croaks, no frog, he ain't hip hopping no mo',
What a joke, moment he spoke, the sleeping giant woke,
With a raging fire, he's gonna get smoked, everybody take a tote
Best take notes, I'm known to come at throats with flows
Leave clothes full of bones with quotes when they're wrote
Leave a penny to the wise, down here we all float,
Lil Georgie, come take the boat, make accounts for a vote
Ain't a God, you're a fraud, be like your Daddy, he's selling coke
On the streets, where wannabes wanna beef, and then revoke
Little boy bit off too much, call the Doc, he's having stroke
So big headed, I couldn't fit it in the scope
This a Shady Cypher against a shady writer
Picking daisies, I think he's crazy, may be high, huh
I may rewind the, clock back, get the Glock, take its safety off
Run up on your block and off your top when the muzzle pop
Put the chrome in your mouth, like a house party, you'll guzzle shots
They called in a Vet cause this little puppies been running, lost
How much the funnel collar cost, fill it with acid and dip quick
Just killed another misfit dip shit who shot but didn't hit shit.
// Verse Three - CamLewis26 // -
Alright faggot you’ve been warned, I’m devilish you bout to get the horns
You getting swarmed, using alts and ghostwriting, what type of shit you on
Doc needs his shots his shit wasn’t popping off, façade, this dude thinks he’s a god
And I’m a fucking atheist so this fucking narcissist is getting dropped
Does this doc support abortion? You shoulda been scraped in portions
You stealing lyrics and it seems to fill your brain with endorphins
Dopamine, it’s like you can’t spit something dope I mean
It so obscene that you had all those wins but never wrote a thing
The doc has lost his license and I’m here to snipe you, spiteful
We should really stop abusing this kid fore he shoots up a high school
This guy calls him self a doctor but he’s losing patience he wants to say shit
He’s searching for another writer that can help him say it
Let me put in laments no ones fucking with that lame shit
I ain’t going as hard as these dudes I’m waiting for you come out play, shit
Face it your styles basic and know I’m nothing to play with
But we bringing these sentences to you like we brought a plaintiff
But judging by your lack of skill you’re still an easy kill
Don’t make me bring the bars to you until you’re standing still
Fuck it I’m done messing with this little bitch he’s fucking dense
Doctor Kevorkian will arrive soon to help you with that suicide attempt.
// Verse Four - Novus // -
Ok Dont Think this Beef Over Like Please Eat this
Your no Doc just a Morphine Junkie i got lucky no Four Leaves still a Clover
Sit back i can rhyme your Defeat no ones gonna give any Grief you asked for Beef
Now its on the Stove I came to Kill it Like this shits in a Cast Iron Skillet
Still Go to Walgreen Fill a Script all i see is you acting Like your some bitch Funky
Stop Little mr Wu tang Monkey but i just found the Wrench dog sit on the FUcking Bench
Like a Landfill all you do is cause a big Stench now store yo Garbage Cause
what imma Do is Spend some Knowledge That you dont need a college to learn
IU fuck a beat in a pattern in turn i fucking Burn your ass to Ashes
You dont got any Passes to Skip any classes sit and Learn cause this Turn on this Cypher
Feel the Scope of a Sniper and the venom of a Viper
cause we just lit a fire All your Shits a Forest
Crisp When Lit on Fire By a Single Lighter let that burn Brighter But imma Float like a Butterfly
Hit the Sky Then Sting like a Bee while you sink titanic the fucking boat
Let that Quip Quote Lets fucking Panic Doc needs his Shots
More than this Nigga need Cocks imma Picking shit now like i got locks on this Game
Well whats your Names i Know Drop the Soap doc And your fucking Alt Doc
We just mock your stupid ass lemme pop off a few more like nope he already dead
What did he eat Lead cause i just Painted a Picture Im Sicker than
Any dope you can deal cause your fucking dead bars Slicker than Whale
Plus Oil in Jail Like i just fucked your Girlfriend
// Verse Four - Condeos // -
You DC to join beef like Sonic, let's use a Rusty Trombone
Christian Mair getting put in the closet, cuz he didn't condone
Teach you a lesson, cut the dark horse's head, have U hauled
You're aiming piss but misfired the Wesson, Rappad considered getting new stalls
Well here's the cleaning crew, words clear like the mic I'm speaking through
Tried to be an actual father out of Rap, but then she withdrew
Called yourself Goliath, but RIOT said "Save it for David "
Ironic how the former doc now became an aids patient
Cletus got exposed to the symbiote, but got high off the ego
Dope has got you zoned, as we place you in the placebo
Let's give the Doc a well deserved moment of silence
But then again, it's worthless, cuz the feat tonight was timeless
Try to run on a track's verses, then you forgot the mileage
Cried for my friend and urged him, but he still left the island
You're identity shift is proof the sucker's isolation make him the shyest.
Want intercourses from the upper class, now they're far from the doorstep
And before I forget, you desire more rep for more head
U.S. has trillions they owe, but I think you have more debt
Call me Rappad's Nas, cause I'm adding up more dead
Putting Dope in the coffin for tradition, like a shutdown to more checks, put this folly to rest

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