Keep It Real

• Written by  • Featuring KazeThaJoker and SadKills

Mix's verse
Look at these chains
What u on about
Imma flex girl
Not about clout
Blonde hair yeah that's what im rockin
You are poor guy so you go flocking
Im not some lady are you a dumb
It's Street cred and you got none
N.O bitch thats the place
Little white girl makin these waves
Little white girl makin that cash
Best lookin in every school class
You sayin shit but you are just a hater
Rocking designed clothes while gettin that paper
Bitches be jealous, they got no drip
Purple, yeah that's what im smoking, blaze that shit
Mobile ringing someone always calling
Got no boyfriend cause everyone is boring
I keep ignoring and that's the facts
You are not a dealer look at your little stash
You are not player if you just fuckin hoes
You are not dealer if weed is only thing you sold
Kaze-E's verse
I walking in the club niggaz stop to talk when they see
My motherfucking shinning gat, better hold your head tight
To your hat cuz you don't wanna see me attack I'm the mystic
Mac conor Mcgregor knocking motherfuckers out with the left
Hand, bitchez say the love me, for me your just another
One night stand, welcome to my city where your gonna
Get stabbed, was here before and will stay here forever
Me and my fucking team making that cheddar, life is so
Supreme like a fucking dream, I'm Making raps like a machine
Spitting daily that insane ryhme scheme, Kaze is the name
On Rappad and I am the mainstream, I got seventeen grams of
That green, and when you light it the smoke is like from gasoline
I tell them niggaz to bounce cuz they wanna have that ounce
All I see that they are clowns with weak disco sounds
And I'm on the other side, switching clips and shooting rounds
T-T-M's Verse
I got money. No time for you
Id do anything put my life on the line for you
Id give up all my dollar signs for you
Aint talking to no other chick cause im loyal
I give you money stay on that grind for you
I aint no snitch but id even lie for you
But you turned around and said fuck you
I really thought I could trust you
Money aint the issue got 98 problems plus you
I got bands all on me and I bust two
I do everything that I must do
You say Im a dick you just sucked two
I was there for you always I thought I loved you
Now that cash is due bitch i bust through
You tried hitting me up bitch i ducked you
You think all your friends feel your vibe bitch thats just you

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