Its been God alone

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It was God. It. Was God. That. Brought. Me. Here. He knows what I Been Through. I been Preaching. I been . trying stay. On . that . Straight. And. Narrow. Path. . It been. God. He been. looking out for. Me. He know . What I Been. Through. It been him it's been god . I been through the Good. And. Bad. It. Been. God. He. Never. Let. Me . Down it. Been . Him. all. Alone. It. been. been. God.. it. Been. God. .I. Thank. him God . Almighty. It. Been. Him. Alone. And. . I . Give. All my Praise. To.. him. It's been him it's been God alone Everyday. I see It. Been. Him. All. Alone. I. Love. Call . On him calling Out to . His his . Name. Is so wonderful. It. Been. .god. . . I . give. Praise. To. Him. Everyday. Of my life. It's been him in my li life all alone. . To.. God. I give as ll my trust. To him. I see it's ben. God . He. Been. Help. Me. He's the . One. Been. Helping. Me .alone. It. Been. Him. It's . Him. . I. Said. Its. Been. Him. It.s. been. God.. it. in. Book. Of. Revelation.. I believe. In. Him. It's. Been. Him. Alone. It. Been. God. It.been. God .all Lone..
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