Fright Night

• Written by  • Featuring Young_FLeeK

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Hello, I am Mumblz and you know I spit some heat
Everybody keep on asking where is young fleek?
Really thought I told you that I killed him last week
Said he wanna "Battle" so I told him where to meet
Shot his body once but I shot his head twice
Life is a gamble but I like to roll the dice
Aiming down the barrel and I got you in my sight
Draco on a leash, cause the Draco like to bite, yea
As far as my concern I could care less about the world
Fuck the money making I put these bitches to work
I’m killing everything when I’m hopping onto a verse
I just need a moment to recollect my concern
Talk about hit em down fuck around with me
You bitches run your mouth like You got shit to say to me
Hold your damn tongue I’ll be coming right back
With some fire so hot I’ll be burning when I speak
Round number two ima fight till I die
Ima stand tall so I can see you eye to eye
Hitting on the blunt so I can see you from the sky
Wanna make a move? bitch, I dare your ass to try
Spitting all these bars that be coming to my mind
Watch up on my wrist I don't ever waste no time
Told your little bitch I got a mountain she can Climb (aye)
Once I got through she told me what's hers is mine
Yo I’m the motherfucker motivated by dreams
But the motorboat rolling puffing up out of steam
Chugging like a train and I’m building up the tracks
And she’s sucking on my horn like shit goddamn
But if I’m being real then I feel like I’m missing out
Work so fucking hard I don’t have shit to write about
But most these motherfuckers only try to Bring me down
Shit you can shut the fuck up put a dick up in your mouth
Got the 4-5 as its sitting on my side
For my dogs, you know I ride
Go ahead and run and hide
We don't let the slip and slide
Now your picture's on the shrine
While the bullets in your spine
Bitch, you want an autograph
So the bullets what I sign
Now your body's what They'll find
With a bullet in your eye
Aint no way that you can kill me
Cause I've already died
Now its Mumblz going up
Now its Mumblz in this bitch
Go ahead and hate on me
Cause ima laugh when I get rich

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