FWM (Prod. mikzy)

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Grindin for a minute and progress is insignificant
dodgin obstacles, it seems impossible stayin positive
they say i got a problem, but fuck em, I don't acknowledge it
bitch i like intoxicants, i'm bout high as my tolerance
Top's what I envision now I'm confident I'll get to it
just gotta eat a mountain of shit and ignore comments of critics
Stubborn and illogical
angrier than my father gets
crazy as my mama is
different people but same persona
Higher education's my father's wish
but it's hard combining it with music
all while livin off a wage of washin dishes
shit is gettin dark as fuck, Chronicles of Riddick
and to all yall talkin shit would you please kindly hop up off my dick
M I double T I E
labeled hostage cause I'm fair of hair and skin
fuck the competition, the opposition, the consequences
patiently waitin on the apocalypse
im out this bitch

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