Late Night Feelin Right

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i'm wieldin my fire wit all kinds of power
this my hour, i promise to neva sour
you get yours cause we gonna get ours
one day we all gon be pushin flowers
this is our fire dog we perspire
a goon act a fool he gon get da wire
i'm presentable dawg and what about you
you look sick, somethin wit a flu
i'm a boss hog you should see me up in her drawers
i put as much effort as it takes to win the war
i like to put it on and don't stop till i'm dead and gone
you don't want it wit me cause i'll put you down in da ground
what up you like how i do it cause i never like to lose it
if i gave your girl a choice then you know she would chose it
i'm poppin all da time and dare ain't no stoppin me
dey always look up to me my fans ain't ever droppin me
i'm so far up dat ain't no competition gonna be toppin me
i had to set you straight cause you did it so sloppily
i breathe fire and spit it on my enemies, be careful please
cause you can't see em when dey comin fo yo head piece
i'm a wild man and you should try god's plan
cause he got it for you he wants to give you a hand
he said you should go for him just as he goes for you
and once you find each other you'll never be feelin blue
i'm making it up as i go and dat's so professional
i'm da illest rapper out and i just had to let you know
i'm a sentry, to make me, it took centuries
my people needed me when the time came they sent for me
i'm a business man i'm just followin god's plan
and he keeps me humble wit a move of his right hand
and in these diffrent times da game calls for diffrent rhymes
i'm all bout my shine you should see me slide
i'm ballin outta control and i promise to neva fold
see me stuntin you would say dat he too bold
i wish things was diffrent, i don't eva wanna grow old
but it's all good as long as i got a million sold
i'ma break em in every chance dat i could get it in
and in da game of sex da girls always let win
i'm buildin an empire dat's why i'm so wired
i always seek da truth, i don't wanna be wit a liar
dey see my red skin and dey don't wanna let me live
but it's all good cause my life i'll neva give
wit my brazen anatomy nobody is as bad as me
i'm probly da hottest brother as far as i can see
i'm reachin out to da temple just to feel dey tempo
if da rap game was a fight i would practice kempo
you don't wanna poke da tiger, i might lose my temper
if i had a rap beef i would let it simmer
stop makin rhymes, let em think he a winner
but in da end dawg, he cooked like chicken dinner
bodies at da funeral so i don't wanna hear a wimper
i'm rappin like da complex you should kept it simple
i see you try and copy me, i'm glad i inspire you
but you could neva do the type of things dat i used to do
welcome to da most impressive life you will eva see
if i see i evil i just leave and let em be
in dis lifetime it's da money i will forever seek
my days are lookin good, my outlook ain't eva bleek
before i go i just wanna leave you wit one more thing
before you hurt yourself just take the time to think
written by All-Day

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