Finishing Each Other's Sentences...

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The music’s starting
Tugs at my heartstrings
Always together we are never parting
The world seems better
When we’re together
And then we walk home in the rainy weather
//Verse 1
I’m attached to her she got my soul/sole
You could say our love’s untouchable
We stuck together our love grew and grew
10 years this gum’s been stuck to my shoe
Most people who see us they scream when we touch
But I guess they ain’t found the true meaning of love
It’s complicated it’s a feeling I just
Ain’t able to explain with this piece of my gum
I take her to restaurants and I buy her roses
It brought several tears to my eyes when I wrote this
We kiss in the rain watch The Notebook and then we’re
Finishing each other’s sentences we’re birds of a feather
The sun shines brighter every time we’re together
The world smiles when our embrace becomes tender
Most get theirs off the streets for 25 cents
But I’ll stick with my proper gum till the end
//Verse 2
I bought you flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s
I put my shoes on and thought how much I’m glad you’re mine
Blow a couple bubbles they get stuck to my shoelace
We’re a lovin couple she’s more than just a new flame
More than just a roommate I need her in my world
A sticky situation to express my feelings for this girl
How can I explain it the way she gives me butterflies
Don’t care if my hands get sticky when I hold my gum so tight
Most gum a quarter but mine a dime
She wishes me luck when it’s time to rhyme
I take my shoes off and I kiss her on the cheek
Leave my shoes in the car now she stickin to my seat
Feel little and so weak when she listens as I speak
Her presence hits my heart and it lifts me off my feet
She goes where I go in this tunnel of love
I ain’t even want this world this gum is enough

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