Touch The Sky (Prod. Tellingbeatzz)

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//Verse 1
Life's back on track no longer spinnin' descent
Watching the past burn behind me like it's incandescent
Part of the winning percent
New house and an Audi
But that doesn't change the fact that you know nothing about me
I dropped the ball so many times like trying to juggle
Thought I paid for cheap thrills but only buying new troubles
But those paled in comparison to why I was hiding through struggles
So built facades to mask the tears dropping to puddles
From handcuffs and meth
To cancer and death
Ive seen blood filled tubes gripped hands with no warmth left
Mates heart attack at 12 like the devil pressed his chest
Sucked out his breath and left him limp for not one reason but distress
But I musta passed his test
Cause I'm still kickin it in the flesh
Pourin' out my heart and soul to keep my inner fresh
I've been through the plunge now I'm trying to clutch the high
Cause there's just too much to write before I touch the sky
//Verse 2
See I'm not like the others just cause I grew up like cliches
White kid from a good home where the parents never missed days
On the sidelines of those sporting fields watching their kids play
Never went without but kept my fights off display
Taught as a young-in dodge airing out your dirty laundry
Now I let modesty shape the journey for me
Cause in all honesty what is it really worth for me
To spill out all of my problems. . .a worthy story?
Or maybe you'd adore me
Or maybe you'd find it boring
This coincides perfect with the problem we're ignoring
Nobody takes the time to look past the face value
So what's a Rolex really worth if a fake shall do
Would you scratch the surface or trust the new shine
Like that girl with depression cause when you asked she told you fine
Well that girl was my sister, cancer patient my father
And I wouldn't have a mother if that disease went any farther

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