Wait, Wait, Soldier (Running Man)

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Oma se o
dese man wanna die foh me
Jump to the riddim and i hit em with a flashback, flashbang, middle finger
itching for a badman
Log to my twitter I could kill em with a hashtag
Talk like a killer, on a riddim imma act that
I aint really know If i'm a painter or a rapper or a singer but I'm more than just
a dinner, or a cautionary liver, no precautions with my liver, it's my portion to
I've got blisters on my hands, I've been digging in the sand, for a vision of a
plan, but I'm born to be a quitter, cause my dreams are made of porcelain, of
course they're gonna wither, but I'm talking to the mirror screaming 'NO'
like a corny fuck
And these bruddas don't know so they talk a lot
And these rappers can't flow so they talking guns, I'm talking funds
Stop talking, you should do a Hawking blud
Nah you should do an auction blud,
Cause your ting's one ting we can auction off
Yeah brudda we can go deya,
if you wanna go deya, brudda we can go deyaaa
Look me in the eyes cause I will never show fear
Brudda we can go deya
These man dont know bout me
These man don't know bout me
These man don't know bout me
Got his wig split, brudda mostve broke mans weave
And you know i wanna grow dat p
for the whole damn team
man I wanna make a broke man weep
Like 'here's a little something for your journey fam
Ain't that a little bit Early Sam
you've been coming towards thirsty fam
I don't wanna have to come up and just church these man
I ain't wanna have to come up and just hurt these man
Wait wait soldier x whatever

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