Ashes ft. Dre Flacko (Prod By MKSB)

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Ive Been Independent Since Day One,
Steered Away From Them Contracts,
Still Hang Around Them Same Ones,
Who Ain't Ever Scared To Make Contact,
This Has Been A Vision That Is Yet To Come,
Like The Second Coming Of Gods Son,
Just Gotta Wait When The Times Right,
I Ain't Doing It For The Lime Light
Seems Like Everyone Is In The Same Ocean,
That I've Tried To Put My Head In,
Theres A Huge Crowd On That Wave Motion,
But The Waves Always Hit A Dead End,
You'll Get Sucked Up By The Dry Lands,
Theres No Way You Can Wave In The Quick Sands,
(I Found My Way On My Own),
If The Shoe Fits, Then You're Not Alone,
This World Is Filled With A Bunch Of Clones,
Everything I Say Is Always Said In Stone,
Everything I Got, I Got It On My Own,
I Swear To God I Built My Own Throne,
The Life That I'm Living Is Home Grown,
This Game Is Infested With Slow Domes,
Feeling Outta This World Like Phone Home,
When I Asked For Help It Was A Cold Season,
I Swear To God I Had A Million Reasons,
Incognito, Black Tuxedo,
The Ghost To My Silhouette,
Leaving Ashes, Burning Them,
Lit Cigarette.

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