KiD x Rex - Day Dreamer

• Written by  • Featuring RexOfLM

love-sadkid's Notes

Coverart by Ohsew
Mixed by Exitium

You're just a daydreamer
Wash your fears away, when you, sleep deeper, my, my day dreamer
Your future seems so bright when you look right past your eyes
Forget the blessings in disguise, forget about those hard goodbyes
You're a daydreamer baby and you'll dream away the day if you please
So don't forget about me Oh
Day dreamer, listen to the words that I'm speaking
Our love is like a song ooh baby and I'm singing
Waiting for the day that I might get you to believe me
In my heart I got our albums but there's songs I wanna delete
And the butterflies and smiles make me put that shit on repeat
But you wasting away, tryna think about what you could do
So I write a song or two hoping I get through to you
You staring out the window but not seeing what's infront of you
I'm worried that your dreams are hurting that and all the fronting too
I know that there's a guy and you thinking about him and you
But you gotta get it gotta get him think it's overdue
Day dreamer, I get that it's jus better in your thoughts
I can hear it in your voice I can see it in your walk
But if you miss ya chance on fake then it's truly all ya fault like
Through the day the windows to my soul stay closed 
They never open. I'm froze, coping with hopelessness
No, way to escape it except my dreams of greatness
Cuz that's the only way to evade my situation
And they cannot complain if I say I'm not complacent
Im optimistic, while lacking a pot to piss in
Ignoring consequences of following my ambitions
Cuz I been dreaming since the day I tasted mammas biscuits
I'm day dreaming, I stay scheming on better lives and ways to achieve em
Whatever's coming today, Im just tryna face with my people
I'm so stuck in my mind Im no longer sleep when I'm dreaming
call it running away I say excercising my demons
For real
And I just give it to em straight like that
I Take my time on the mic just to state my facts
Life ain't always perfect but a man can dream can't he
Dreaming of a place where I can finally feel safe at last it, its called success
Other lyrics soon lmao

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