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(Hook) (1st Verse Saint) Doin drugs is all we know, Cuz when ur at bottom it's hard to grow
Watchin time just fly right out the window
Only got a couple a couple dollars But I'm tryin to find some dope
Got a hard life tryin find a way to cope, Evil thoughts up in my Dome So I bought a bag of coke
Tryin get these thoughts out my head So I filling up nose
Tired of living on the road So I just gotta find a home
Cant be serious this shit is getin ridiculous
Release on an beat when I get to spittin these sentences
my pens only written how I'm living it, Got my face in the plate Catchin a drain when im sniffing shit
Fuxkin great im a month late Up on my rent again, Only waiting for the game To pay dividends
So I stay Killin these lames But still claimin I'm inocent
Can't talk about my feelings So I choose to use my penmanship
But fuck it guess ima keep stugglen, Fuckin Hungary my stomach keep rumbling
Time to do something Cuz i done had enough of this
Feel a needle up wit heroin Feelin like I'm a fuckin junkie shit
Traxk marks got scars on my arm from shootin up in it
Over dosed three times so Ain't tryin to test my luck again
Feelin liqueur in my cup An just chug till I'm drunk as shit(Chorus 0:50)
(2nd Verse Saint) These days I just find it hard to maintain
Tryin to change but I keep on doin the same things
Dealing with these mood swings I need to use a mood ring
ain't got a single dollar in the Pockets of my blue jeans
Gotta to stop popping pop pills But I feel like it's too late
Feel like I'm running out of time its Like I got a due date
But still I keep it real While these rappers are too lame
The tracks that they making Is fake as a tupae
But still I got these demons in my head, That's the reason it 2:15 Im still sleepin in the bead
Need to doc to prescribe me some meds, But fuck it Ima pop these Roxy's instead
Don't care if I was dead Bout walk off a ledge, Turning in to zombie like Im off of the walkin dead
See me walkin down ya block An ya better call the feds, But if gonna call me sometime Better call me the best
I ain't nothing else to loose Onlything to my name is pair of tennisshoe
Got so many questions like a interview Ask my self what the fuck i gonna do
Tired of living in a fuckin living room Last couple years telln mom im fina move
Working Five days to make what I spend in two
It's hard to save up When your barely getting through (hook)

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