Hope - Feat. Ian & Kevin Junior

• Written by  • Featuring -ian- and KevinJunior

//Verse 1 - Ian
i used to think of all the ways my life could get away from me
then i finally found the enemy that almost was the end of me
and when i lay there, fading, barely aware nearly breaking
getting crazy wasted like the thirst of Death needed slaking
a voice inside began to rise, said, "you don't have the right.
just to let your life slide by - get back in this fight!"
and i saw it for the first time if I'm being honest
what it cost a daughter to lose a father - thought: i gotta stop this
and my eyes hardened, my focus sharpened
i honed in on my target as my rage began to darken
and through this blackened mask i attacked, i was savage
like i was rabid and avid in my capacity for damage
and after the cops managed to take down this maddened bastard
i lay there blacking out, but knowing I'd get passed it
and though it's taken months to rehab and get back here
i know I'm stronger for it and my path's clear.
//Verse 2 - Mike
Sitting on this bench she's blinded by the sunset
Sipping on this french she's guided by the unsaid
Thoughts slipping through her head that start to stir her discontent
As her tears dripping drench cement and blur her silhouette
Laying on his floor divided by the torment
Waiting on this door incited by the portent
Of violence that's reflected by the black holes in the walls
Marking silences deflected by the shadows in the halls
Mental projections remind him of the enemy
Pencil confessions fading like his memory
Slowly aging stuck in reverie
A time lapse of the elderly asking is it meant to be
Tear drops stain his face as he grips the pain
Fear stops nothing searching for his love to kiss again
Heartbeats pulsing through his fingers as he draws her close
Hope fills the air when i love you in this time pause echoes
//Verse 3 - Kevin Junior
It go, Push and then I push
And then I push and then I stop
Talk about the pressure to never drown in a spot
That wasn't built for comfort and barely built for substance
It fairly tilts when suffered a little guilt adjustment
Yeah I know, I gotta tighten up
And fighting's rough, I caught a glimpse of my type of love
The shit that don't reciprocate, fuck it
My father living life, and who am I to say that nigga never living right
Lets all cater to drugs, lets neglect our kids
Let our pride burn inside, yeah that's a life to live
Kodak moment photos seen the show though
Show those times where I never seem to know no
Father figure, my god is bigger, faith is feeling shaky so
The floor spinning, my head copy, proper for Satan though
Proposition probably to act it like you're loving me
Hoping that my hope is in favor of me, i'm suffering

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