Everybody Knows (Ft. Hyde, Mike ...

• Written by  • Featuring Hyde and MikeParker

MaZano's Notes

Mixing and mastering by Hyde

Cover art by meloHYPE

Produced by Syndrome

//Hook - Pulp Fiction
//Verse 1 - MaZano
We all know friends betray, ain't expecting you
From display, it was clear you intended to
Double crossing, Christ! you might need a crucial fix
You stupid bitch, shit, I should have been used to it
You reserve war, dog, making me Mad, son
Michael's had enough and we know you that one
Thinking to pull that, you living in fantasy
I'll turn this bloody pulp's fiction to reality
So bitch keep on thinking that, you ain't death proof
Everybody knows you and your next move
I'll kill bills belonging to your moniker dude
Yeah motherfucker I'm bringing volume, too
Jack ye' brown briefcase I'll never give it back
This is for the shit you owed me from the past
Friend? Done with that. Kiss the floor you blackbird
45 put an end to inglorious bastards
//Hook - Pulp Fiction
//Verse 2 - Hyde
Man I've heard all your bullshit before,
I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the lies, you've done it all before,
Lines crossed, and spines lost, every time you find cause, or not,
And I wind up tossed, caught up in the middle of shit,
Leave me feelin' like I'm on a Ritalin hit,
Heart racin', while you just drop the missile and split,
Bitch, I'm sick of it,
Man, how you gonna sit and spit,
'bout how you with me through both thin and thick?
Man you can lick my dick.
Yeah I'm pissed off. You pissed on
Everything I ever did for you, now you can get gone.
I'm done listenin' to you twist every system,
Switchin' sides like half time,
Spinnin' lines like bad rhymes,
I'm done like the back nine,
So go on and get up off of me,
Don't call me "friend" again, I'll drop this pen and draw this heat,
If my words won't send the message "this is not to be,"
Then maybe I'll let my fists put at an end to your hypocrisy.
//Hook - Pulp Fiction
//Verse 3 - Mike Parker
Let's sit and talk about lines crossed and all the shit I've caused
All the times you glossed over all of the things I've washed
Away at my cost, when I lost
Everything I had to rumors that could never be squashed
This evil genius sitting contemplatings
Sleepless while he's writing plans of how to stack these people's pieces
On these seamless lines of the board and show who teaches weakness
So when your night /knight ends on an L your queens unprotected
Like a pawn I'm unsuspected which always means one connected
Move at a time, I'm coming to vex ate
Hitting her text late my castle's her next date
I only need four moves to put you in check mate
The bishop of mind games has never played straight
This black and white puzzle means you"ll never see my true colors
Attacking the blind side means you'll never see how I screw others
With us in stalemate the kings about to learn I played
Because that castle's been behind his lines 'fore any turn I made
Hook - Pulp Fiction

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