Cream Soda

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PsychoPuppet-'s Notes

Beat by Clams Casino.

“Yo,I don’t think they heard you.C’mon,Brain Busta,bust some brains!”
//Verse 1
I’m known as a mountain the broadest nobody can climb me
Ain’t nobody in the whole wide world this damn good at rhyming
I even got good timing striking the nation and I also got a big ol’ donation
For the cause of destroying whack rappers if skills were food they’d hail from a gas station
Brain Busta cuts through y’all just like I was scissors
Can spit killer rhymes faster than a gun ‘bout to pull my lyrical trigger
Spitting fire on verse 1 verse 2 verse 3 and verse 4
I’mma take you out and leave you feeling sore
My rhymes stick to you like superglue all hail Brain Busta and his crew
I’m the best rapper for billions of miles around just making sure you knew
Gonna knock you down and leave you suckers in a coma
Make you and your stupid lyrics spill all over like coleslaw
I’m the king of the rap game and all of rap is at my service
Can you do half of what I’ve done nah you’re too nervous
Just recently had cream soda for the very first time
But what the hell does cream soda have to do with spitting my rhymes
Well I don’t really know
But I like cream soda and I like sloppy joes
//Verse 2
Gonna go plunging through the snow cause my rhymes give you chills they’re cold as ice
Step to me and I’ll devour you suckers like a plate of beans and rice
Me and my rhymes and extremely crazy on any date not just Friday the 13th
You may have been called the greatest MC but since I started rapping the tables been turning
The song’s cream soda and the album’s blue
Challenge me to a battle I’mma destroy you
Y’all whack learn how to rap take a course read a book or something
But you ain’t never gonna be like me always getting the crowd jumpin’
Y’all gonna be tryna get big in the rap game tryna be like me
But really y’all ain’t nothing but sucker MCs
Don’t copy my style and my rhymes don’t be a sequel
Cause then Brain Busta’s gonna find you and he’s lethal
//Verse 3
Lots of things are blue but this album is the bluest
But who really cares I don’t so screw it
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall had a great fall
Before his body hit the hard ground he got a phone call
The number was unknown wasn’t in his contact list
Here’s what was heard after,”Leave a message.”
“Yo it’s Brain Busta where’s the dough you owe me?”
“I ain’t got it.But please have mercy on me homie.”
“Hell no.I been waiting on this dough for weeks.”
“I gotta confess,I dropped it all in the creek.”
Brain Busta came to teach humpty some manners but he was already out cold
He still knocked humpty to the ground and ‘bout it he was bold
Why the hell am I talking ‘bout nursery rhymes this is weird and crazy
But crazy is the word for Brain Busta just making sure this is heard by all the men and ladies
“Brain Busta out time for the next track!”

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