Nameless King

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40 on my wrist and a 30 to my neck,
Born in the hustle getting check check checks,
Gotta clean record not a speck speck speck,
Ballin' for the dream Ima get get get,
My best friend's a drug dealer,
Body one of you niggas,
Wish I made two figures,
Just to see the whole picture,
Wish I had my house,
To just get lost in,
Quiet as a church mouse,
Like his heart was rusting,
Niggas giving lip no respect to the bless,
Can't deal with success through the mindless stress,
If I don't bury my past then ima big huge mess,
Give me some time they'll see that K is the best,
Really right now don't try to test me,
I've walked these corners I've seen these streets,
I never sold dope ain't swimming that Creek,
Niggas making millions every god damn week (week),
(Short Break)
I never bought hope only shared it with my brothers,
If we ball till we fall then we'll thrive like our mothers,
Feeling under pressure gotta nigga feeling seasick,
Throw me at the wall and pray to God that glue stick,
Popping out singles like Metro or C-Sick,
No petty hos are gon get up top of this dick,
Hustle like I'm slick Rick hopping out the crown vic,
Didn't choose this path so I'll go the road that I pick,
Got a couple demons that I hide but the horns show,
Thought If I could hide it then the real me glows,
But life ain't like that good it's just how that goes,
Tryna hide the bad boy nobody really knows,
Tryna stay relevant rocking new clothes,
Using up hashtags hoping that I'll blow,
So bow to the King that nobody really knows,
Cause when I get crowned whatever I say goes,
Focus on the goal so no pretty hos,
And no diamond rolls,
Fuck the druggie bros,
If they ain't about this shit then they really gotta go,
It's a one way train so no stop from the flow (flow),
(Short Break)
Been writing each verse straight from the get go,
Bowls of cereal were like heaven to my nose,
I'm 17 now I'm running outta time,
My brain don't define me it's my ethics and my grind,
No fucks about the cash man I'm chasing my dream,
If I don't go and get it then they'll take that shit from me,
Don't wanna be a life support rapper getting roasted,
So I'll keep my lyrics lit keep and keep my shit toasted,
Talk a big game but backing up what I boasted,
Riding to the top so I'll keep you niggas posted,
Back against the wall but I never fucking lost it,
Got big shoes to fill I got big ass feet so I'm big shit,
Never doubted it so let me loose in the ball pit,
Stressed till my death but I'll make it yeah I called it,
Going god mode so these niggas waves will split,
Run across the water like I'm on my cartoon mouse shit,
Twerking on my keyboard move your fucking blouse bitch,
Got myself a girl ain't got no time for your high pitch,
I'm hitting home runs Everytime I make it back home,
Give this King my crown yeah we both lost in the zone,

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