Get out my face

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Verse one
Am I even here yuh yuh I don’t know who we anymore why am I on the floor yuh
Yuh what’s happening I be bumping into them as they are like get the fuck away from me huh
Am I here am I human or is this an illusion as I watch everything burn I am filled with concern yuh
But I’m to stubborn to let the rest of my friends fall they will be here with us
Why why why do we all be thinkin money gon solve sh what’s money doing other than makin us cry
Yuh yuh yuh why am I here I stand here lie I’m fine yuh yuh you think everything is fine
Good your Nieve congrats you ruined my life but I’m still alive I don’t know how
Somehow I’m still breathing
Middle verse
Stab me you need rehab but it’s me who’s the problem but I am here to stay may I stay?
Am I ok are you ok? Stay away yuh yuh yuh I’ll take that dagger but little do you know I can can
Shatter your reputation I’m coming for ya blah blah just be quiet
Last verse
I’ll be the woman y’all wished you where one problem stop holding me back
Imagine stomping on my head till I bleed well that’s exactly what you did you know who you are
Buddy come come I don’t bite yuh yuh im comin for y’all I adore the way you think
You own me yuh yuh I stand there helplessly I cant do nothin
All I can do is stand with caution yuh close the door in my face no one to back me up
It’s ok I don’t need the sluts helping me anyway yuh im fine everyday you make me cry
You make me sick yuh Lewis get the fuck out meh face

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