Rebirth of the Empress

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//Verse 1 0:13//
Beauty of a goddess, mindset of a warrior
Dead or alive, my predecessors will bow down to me
Even Queen Victoria
Soon-to-be icon, I need a mural
Gave Medusa them pythons, you heard right, plural
You ain't ever been hood, heard you from the suburbs, rural
What other female you know got the wisdom
To birth a new rap evolution, with no epidural?
It was never Assyria, it was never Nolania
A lot of them is trophy hoes, no better than Melania
I'm about to go Mulan in Milan
Someone tell her to get the fuck off my lawn, and uh
Don't forget though that I resemble
Not just Athena, Cleopatra, and Calypso
War within myself when my body is the temple
And I'm my biggest enemy, that's how I keep it simple
You couldn't reach my status if you drove around in stolen Porsches
I'm taking victory laps quicker than the Trojan horses
Not tryna brag but you're just hating me because I'm gorgeous
Might cop a pyramid in Egypt and a castle in Shoreditch
Then tell every last one of them alpha males
That I am back on my omega shit
Independent chick in need of no assist
Except maybe a lift from Pegasus
On the real, they wanna be graced with my amazing presence
Catching feels, cause I belong on that magazine, Essence
//Verse 2 1:08//
Opportunistic and optimistic
Fuck all my opps and the pessimist bitches
Limitless credentials, envious potential
Just put my critics in critical condition
They never listened, instead they petitioned
To end my long reign in this game, such persistence
You can't go the distance without much resistance
I can keep it a buck and still keep it consistent
I go ballistic even in lipstick
But I drink holy water, now I'm washing ten mystics
Right foot on the pedestal, left on they neck
That's a balancing act, where's my check and respect?
Straight to the top is where I'm bout to go
As a reference point, it's where the ladders be
If you didn't know, well now you know
That I'm that bitch, I am her, yes I am she
//Verse 3 1:35//
Mhm, I'm aware that this don't got a hook or a chorus
And most Rappaders are not really booked and ain't tourin'
And they never had a whip or a bitch that was foreign
Like they rap in they songs, that is cap, that shits boring
Get out the pot, I'm cooking all these female rappers in the industry
Girl get out my spot, it is reserved, you aint sittin' B
Imma do the beat justice and then make 'em ask for liberty
Bye bye bye, Kirkpatrick shit, you are simply just a hen to me
I'm giving a whole speech, see what I did there, Patrick Hen-ery
Cluck cluck, what the fuck, you chickens have gotta be kidding me
Buck buck bucks what I be making, humorous, that's the kid in me
I ain't kiddin' man, my name is not Nicole, you better send for me
//Verse 4 2:02//
Eventually, I will become the baddest of the century
Lethal when I put my pen to paper, someone call the penitentiary
Even if she had the list of plays, no one would want to hear her playlist
You ain't in your prime with your weak ass, you ain't dangerous
Ain't a single song fire, you just pressed for attention
On Friday night, you was probably stressed in the kitchen
Tryna cook up something new, I think that you can keep the plates
I just flamb├ęd your whole career, you should stick to Easy-Bake
Chose a different route, unlike the one you hoes routinely take
You might think I'm mean and fake but you should appreciate
Them over 20 clicks, I could have done 40 though solo
I should have gone rogue as if shorty was a no show
Got more hits than Hozier so I be taking y'all to church
Fuck the back and forth chit-chat, I'm too busy to converse
With some clowns because the circus is the only place they get deposits
Probably thought that was an idiom, confirmed they idiotic

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