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AIn't no way this nigga a cop, and he be flashing girls all in red and blue
Nigga said she a siren cause she making noise and bouncing up and down like a kangaroo
When I hit my shots, I make them perfect like Dak Prescott from the Cowboys, But when she said
she wanna choke on this, and finna drown as if she was on a canoe. She said she likes this stone
rock and she want it like a gargoyle, I tell her keep bouncing up and down like a kangaroo, cause i
like that recoil, she said I can be sun to her photosynthesis and I should dig my roots deep in her
soil, but I'm all noir, darkskin, and all these niggas say I'm DK, Metcalf and the Monkey
cause I keep their barrels rolling and hit my shit faster than any MK, we talking guns or fighting
fucking niggas on MK, cause I like my kombat on the top shit and they all coming up to me niggas
saying GK, but I tell them I kill a body n leave it in my pocket, like a letter,
she love to ask for my notes, cause when she done scribbling em down,
she said she got a deep throat, and then she fucks up at me,
and says, do you need "a bar of soap down that
fucking throat." But I say you gotta throat that shit deeper, I thought you said you was a
HOLY GHOST, but even in a threesome her ass ain't 3 in one, Like Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit
They say I spit my shit like Youngboy, but I tell em I ain't him,
cause I'm never broke again when it comes to breaking down my lyrics,
i keep that shit spherical like the earth and make it revolve
around the sun, imperial, but I'm like an ecosystem, because my shit complex, I keep it living and
nonliving cause when you step up to me Tu carrera pasará de joven a viejo
como Tupac cuando tenía esa cadena de oro en el cuello,
pero esa mierda no se convirtió ni siquiera en plata o bronce,
sino en la muerte y tumba de sus jodidos dos paquetes de cigarros y como un pasco.

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