Precious Together

• Written by Anonymous

Bed full of feathers,
yes I know better.
But whether severed
or tethered my clench
on death were it ever
like claws to talons,
heart fond of balance
as one and of grace.
Nothing besides,
Jesus, nothing replace.
I'm goat horned,
peanut butter and hersheys
no ghirradeli.
rather honey and mud?
okay back onto Kelley.
Black, blonde, and tele.
track longs to belly,
sell me for a boy
who know his name.
a hell we wont remain,
a tell, see, so I slain an illness
and feel, its pseudo disturbance,
blue knows the worth inside.
and curin' the animosity
hurts like, why?
patience as water
to wood,
faith in all I got as me.
Not to be mastered.
Off to reach Saturn.

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