Oceans Finest - Hiatus

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Yo i started from the bottom
told me go get it so i got em
Keep it clean I'm always flossin
Put these haters 10 feet deep underneath in a coffin
I'm switching topics, all my flows ain't microscopic
it be more gigantrous, or should I say gigantic
Sink em like titanic best believe I'm wreaking havoc
All these fake all ain't got it takes to make it in this habit
Tat I'm bout to bring it back, I'm putting in work while you nap
All I care about is progress
Educating all these cats
Motivated like Nas delvin the deep dungeons of rap
Got my perks in the works making sure my own verses all slap
As a matter of fact, had some local artists feelin my track, and thinking
maybe if I make it big enough they'd call me to run it back.
Up in my way
Makin a change
More interest in knowledge
Then later come fame
Bring the pain with my name
In the studio thinkin what I gotta say
Big dub for the real ones
Started back 2015
Started jotting my own thoughts down
Young kid with a big dream
It ain't really what it seem though
Making songs was a way to cope
When my dad was laid to rest
Had to go stay on ten toes
Big fish in the blue sea
Turn my life to a movie
All these fiends can't compare to my style
They be actin hella wild though
Keep em locked in a zoo
Cause they'll become all endangered
As long I'm breathing and still on this earth
Call me heisenburg cause I'm the danger
I did take a little hiatus
So I could block negativity
Came back 10 times stronger
Now I got that sick delivery
You know how I be independently
getting cream cash rule everything
cant you see that's how it really be
Keep it G, do it for my team
Living in the scene
It's supreme
Living how the way that I'm suppose to be
I don't think no goal's too high for me to reach
A million times I've failed but still had a couple attempts in me to makin
that hope prevail.
Gotta keep stackin the blocks so I could get top of this
One day I see myself on stage while I perform on a metropolis
Bout to repo all these weak flows, while my streak grows
On the D-low, Spill the beans like chico
Like a cheat code, ima flame these rappers like hot cheetos
Take em out with torpedos,
Ain't nobody got it like in poker ima call it gonna make a big deposit
when Im catchin all these bodies, I don't give an F about em, wihout a doubt
Ima beast, Anybody else wanna get a piece
Not slight, thinkin that they might not wanna get felled from this
Gotta put some respect on my own name my pen game is perilous
I'm just stating the facts, most yall dont know how to act
When I'm caught in the crossfire I just stay wired, I clear the pockets
without leavin a scratch. 8 ball

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