Oceans Finest - Tsunami

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Coming through like a tidal wave
Bout to change the game
Taking a toke while I'm climbing up the slope
Gonna make them learn them ropes
Real talk, y’all are just a joke
Catching bodies while I’m clearing up the smoke
Leave ‘‘em white like a sheet
It’s like I’m talkin to ghosts
Back in the studio making music tryna figure out ways for me to blow up.
Remember when I dropped my first single, everyone just started
turning that up
Balls in my court so I gotta just keep ballin never stalling
Stayin point.
Feeling like I’ve got nothing to lose time to move and make that choice.
Kickin that stress to the curb, Biggest lesson that I've learned
Is to keep putting in the work, and to know what you are worth
Tryna get what I all deserve, but they don't get into my nerves
Swerving down the road of knowledge just to hit a learning curve
and I know at times, your thoughts get flustered tryna make it right
To me there just blind spots
I just give it all I got and i push through life
But stay on your grind, keep your head level and use your mind
One day you'll find yourself a purpose and get yourself out that 9 to 5
Yeah I started from the bottom,
Now I'm stackin on a column
Told me go get now I got it
Time to make a big deposit
All these problems I resolve it
And I always keep evolving
Yeah I keep with stayin on it
Makin lyrics just like a sonnet
They delirious cannot get off it
Bout to blast out the earth inside a rocket
Pull the bone out of these rapper's sockets
Y'all are garbage,
crumple them like paper and toss it
Stay fresh I always been the best
Young Ocean livin in the flesh
You just a goof learning from me
Takin notes on yo isolated desk
I said, knock knock gotta let me in
Ocean comin through, Gotta do what I do
When I make that entrance
I stay ready like scrap life
All hype, gotta sound it off like
How long does it take to get the center of meaning
when we living our life
Yo im blessed tho
Haters peelin off cause they feelin exposed
Gotta bring up that garbage truck throw em inside and
get them all disposed
Ten toes
Never be fallin stay on my feet just like a soldier
Yes sir
Gotta give them what they deserve
Time to pull myself off the dirt
Everyone talkin bout my name
But I always just learn to keep it humble
What goes around comes around
Keep it G and just stick to the hustle
Doing it big for the fans
Always on ain't no vacation
24/7 type mindset
Y'all are my own inspiration

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