PEACE-Yung Erin

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[intro]: Yung Erin on the beat. You know how it is. Having people blow
up yo phone. Let's flow.
[Verse 1]:
Peace. Having fame is a hunnid degrees.
When you get teased, it's
gonna increase. When you get famous, yo family is going to freeze.
When I get rich, my dad will come back say, "Can I live with you?"
Nah, man. Peace. My mom will be proud when my first song is
released. I will not quit until my dream has been reached.
More clearer than the crystal sky, blue as the beast.
[Verse 2]:
Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace. My ego will be a masterpiece.
Being famous seems like a breeze. Nah g.
It's gonna get crazy. Next
thing you know, everybody will hate me.
Rappers always walkin' around with a glock or a 380.
I'm Yung Erin. Somebody will save me.
Call me lazy, I ain't your baby.
[Verse 3]:
I'm a G, and this is something you can't see. Then, these rappers
get dumb when they get money. Then, they try drugs and get
screwed up mentally. Rapping won't be a horrible community
eventually. I'm Yung Erin, definitely. Yung Erin isn't perfect.
But, when I want to be alone, I won't need yo service.
The point of living is to have a purpose. When we die, we'll be off the
surface. I know that the world makes you nervous. Just 'cause you're
not famous doesn't mean you're worthless.
I don't know what makes them so happy being murderous.
Sometimes, the universe acts like a circus.
[Verse 4]:
Peace. Sometimes being alone can set you at ease.
Peace, Peace, Peace. In this world, that's all we need.
It sucks that some teenagers think that
selling drugs will help them succeed. If you don't want to go to jail,
Then don't continue to proceed. All I want is world peace. Just world
peace. Bye, I live in greece.
[Ending intro]: This Yung Erin. Be yourself. Be kind.
Everybody deserves peace and freedom sometimes. See ya.

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