Mike Tyson Cypher

• Written by  • Featuring GHOSTFACE-KILLAH, Termanology, KXNG_CROOKED, and PhillipCT

THE-GUY's Notes

Can't record with these guys becuz I live in another country, but text only everything's possible!

( The Guy )
M.T. Cypher
( Termanology )
Lemme start it with the punchline
my dawg's, they bark when its fun time
I'm a fun guy but when it's crunch time
Doing anything to grind, am I dumb wise?
Homie, unwind.
Then unbind and see the sunshine.
But my daddy ain't around to feed his son, right?
Well, homie, like I... don't know
I should grow as a kid, I just hide on home
Hyde's high road, Bon' and Clyde in the crossroad
This ain't right, I know-- I got my typing drove
Only if we could travel back in time and show
But.. lemme write this shit on paper
Leave you shell shocked-- hit you with a Taser
Lemme drop The Bomb like I'm Ruddock Razer
Obi "Wank" Kenobi so you rock my Saber
Longevity like Lebron playing for Lakers
Care for the lingo,?
played this game but it's only bingo, yea
spar with my bars-- get you scrapped like I'm Preemo
yo, my bars are stronger than rhino's
I don't need no-- prayers, bro, I'm no church guy
lemme summon the flies-- when you pace your stage
they keep the hate in a race-- I'll spread plagues in your place
and if you say for God's sake-- I'll smash the Bible in your face
Then bang Kennedy Walsh-- You motherfuckers washed.
I reject dissect weak CD sect
I T-Rex these lead, eag' nest, speak facts
I'm coming for your throat drink the sauce
vinagrette, beast apex, rich yes, gimme me my respect
a little bit of what they call crazy
all these mohfuckers can compare me to Shady
all I wanna do is rap--- and they all hate me
all I wanna make is Cash--- Johnny made me... take this!
( Ghostface Killa )
See, I been going hella hard,Like you know how,
Hardcore core, and so profound.
Kneel in church floor, "God please forgive me,"
"When I get to the gates, will you turn me down?"
He's hungry to cut my throat, but my mind
Was blind lost in the haze,
Your daughter slaughtered up in da blade,
You cry when you find herself in da grave,
Screamin cursin God because u prayed.
Paid like Rakim and Eric B.
No Chainsaw Massacre where Erin be
You know that this soul should be left alone,
When the FBI agents tapped his phone.
Ready and deadliest ever, Melodies clever
You could notice on my clock tick
Cold shit, Lemme guess,
Any of yo parents died by Coronavirus???
Her name was Greta, I wrote her a letter regarding Berettas
And resguarding my cheddars, Guarding myself, It's a Vendetta,
Prayin these prayers, it aint gettin better
You sayin a lot, you not doing much,
You think you a beast until you get touched,
Crushing the competition like it's nothing,
Ain't a damn soul that I trust.
( KXNG Crooked )
The C.O.B. spit fire
Some of us got sloppy though
Sprayin' shots like a shotgun, lines precise like a sniper
If niggas copy, they be Cory, call my shit corny and then nigga, block me?
Hit you Amnesia like you Dory, hyperventilatin' or you horny?
Got 'em, Gotti couldn't stop me.
Inevitable being. Here forever I will be, affiliated hip-hop
wish I faded TikTok, said "Forever I will be", trig the Glock, pit-stop
you flip-flop, I'll slap you like Chris Rock got by Will Smith
I'm ahead of my time, but still happy, beard's on point, never nappy
Magic 24K like Bruno Mars or Shazam?
Guess the music name, and browse around Shazam
Oh wait.... say Alakazam, bitch, I'm hacking their system again
This... wasn't included in the plan, shit
Mandela immortal on my memory, damn!
Cum quick in his first day, orgasm hoe in the worst way
I bear them all if I shall say, Endgame, Thanos Ball-8!
Socrates said we never knew shit, so why we pretend to be smart n' shit?
Yeah, we say bad words, but words are strong like an far dart hit.
The questions I ask and no answers I get
sample my tracks, it's a common consense
Common can sense my presence about to reach
I'm the creator, Presence of DC
Police shepherd is now on my home, G...the coke got sniffed
( Dice Dinero )
Shane Mosley
Cuz my punches going global
Fat beats got ate by Mojo
I'm Johnny Lawrence in the dojo
Negrito Italic fonting my logo
I rarely crop for photos
Niggas clowning like they Pogos
Up-and-down like a yoyo
(Big dawg no Toto) , 2023 is rap's year
Colombian uncut coke brought me dolor
Fuck Manolo and his bitch, Yoko Ono
God's Reign, Ab's Soulo
Train of thought of some so-low
Got a white girl like Coco
Yours is blacker than the Togo
Stompin on deez kiddies , Steez cities
Is you or is you ain't - REALLY FUCKIN WIT ME
Imma stay busy - If you down to come around
The Jaguar called El Jefe
Claw pens another essay
As no one know the next day
TECs spray chestplates
Graveyards getting mad graves
Yea, I be my Sensei, 'cuz no one teaches me shit, mate
Yea, I'm spittin flames, splittin lames
Brain insane. This is Pain, like Three Days Grace
And my face was like Pain's three days late
( The Guy / Me )
don't get me started, i rep retarded, you open guarded
mass murdered slaughtered, your flesh falling
Lucifer make a deal with me and he been calling
kick like a stallion, so peep I'm balling
expect the consequences of all this
madmen's head be extra cautious
I'll make pools of blood flows rivers quick
and turn desert lands into martian's
spit fire to burn an fountain
welcome to the foundation, get your pound cut
mainstream is below tho, undergrounds up
decibels of my sound onomatophea shit like...
taking every piece o' food from they last plate
lock 'em up 'side a crate, it's amazing amazement
no replacement, I don't dwell in the basement
the basement dwell in me
any staples of fake ass needs to hear Sadat X
then push thru, i'll crush u, u eat the dust in this race
any minute i make it quick quickly apeshit
hit 'em like Michael Jai
kid, i been state to state to stay to stay
Deacon decays? Rhyme phase
My fire will blaze, I'm craze wit papes
safe to say Mark's talkin like a marksman
my marks hit the market, I been a big threat
big deal for my targets, bars all fire,
trigg steel when its sparkin,this darkness seed
yo, quit shit talkin to me - i can sense, feel your heartbeat
you like dyke goddess - everybody wanna see vibe... exotic
psyche Cyclops, and I keep my props when i conquer the week
I'm a east side beast I boston emcees
with one piece I drop I luffy my sleeves
killa bees fly often, Wu elixir
what about put in? Putin Vladimir

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