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4RC's Notes

Thanks to Scratch n Sniff for making the beat and mixing this.
Go check out Scratch N Sniff in:

This my Ted Talk, y'all got death in the tongue, I know how death walks
There's no need for no gun if I don't sense ones
Y'all like chess pawns, Moving under command, keep actin' like you A1 since day one
They said lay some, I laid a whole verse, gotta go and take some,
so I tax you for your life, I need the payment upfront,
This music is for the crackhead, that's in need of the drug
my daddy bloodline felt it when the needle got stuck
the trifecta, caught up, he tried to seek for a gun,
By the holy spirit baptized, he bleed like the son
Hit by the Karma, he was just a soul of mischief,
Grew by the trauma, I'm the one who they taught how to speak,
moved by the slaughter, that surrounded every angle of speech,
back when the newspapers was fresh, like it was 93'
til infinity, Caught some ego and power trip from validity,
couple that with the wickedness, call it the Holy Trinity,
now I carry the cross, but it's weight started to killing me
like I'm dealing some crack in the Newark or Jersey city streets
I'm being judged god, I'm being judged god
cutting all these loose ends, this a rough plot,
this is a rough spot, ain't no glock on my waist
I stand tall while the rain pour on my face,
I ain't no judge god, I ain't no judge god,
cutting all these loose ends this a rough spot,
I don't budge guy, I ain't the judge for your case, aim the glock
let it unload on your face, motherfucker

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