Guapacito (Feat. Next Apollo)

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// M-Sav: //
Legend in the making was baking in my mama oven,
I guess for now you can hate me, but soon you gotta love it,
It's the past, present, and forever every time that I does it,
On one hand I'm J. Cole, other hand I Donald Glove it,
Money counter weigh my options I'm guaportunistic,
Type of rapper that you hear about, but not what you witness,
Stories told unfold, and the plot was to thicken,
Wishing on a star? Here I are, you got what you wishing,
In the cut I look better in the flesh,
Ya'll thinking that I am pressed, when I just ain't impressed,
Yes, one of the goats as of late it's been less,
I promise ya biggest fan the one lying to you the best,
The greatest I'll never say it again,
My only competition is if mamma made me a twin,
You know the yang perfect balance if it came with the yin,
But if it's me v.s me, I'm gon' play for the win,
One man army warning you to go and prep the troops,
Sound alarm, wake up call, for all ya'll who press the snooze,
Stepping ten toes walking down to press issues,
With the heat to make 'em die, knowing what the pressure do,
// Next Apollo: //
Pressure on me, I got diamonds made on my back
Ice box, chillest in room, made to relax
I'm addicted to it, music always made me relapse
Everything that I'm rapping always came with the facts
I did everything I wanted, I might go bachata on em
If he ever try to tussle, I might hit a kata on em
We emoting on his block, we might hit a haka on em
We all came from the mud, wipe the terracotta off em
If they try to take us down, we gon hit an omoplata
Thick bitch think I'm biggie, she be calling me big papa
They know I can lead way, I can take u to the choppa
I can put spell on ya, bring the magic harry potter
You can try to doubt me
You can try to doubt me now
When I'm reaching to the top I never meant on just a mound
Not the hill, not the roof, off the ground, not the clouds
I meant space baby, ima be a universal sound
Fuck the world, fuck the world, on that brent faiyaz sound
My legs stronger than a horse, for carrying all these bitches round
I've said round so many times, I think I earned a title bout
They ain't thinking at his level, like the fuck he talking bout
Young legend, blowing up like pompeii, they ain't know it
Love from the game, didn't play it, so they ain't show it
Attention or the fame, same thang, they know what I've chosen
Looking at my layman, real name, they should know I'm chosen
I be making waves, real waves, bitch I made a motion
Surfing on the web, see my name, you might see an ocean
Bitch i did my thang, real thang, off of real emotion
Putting on this rang, big chains off this real emotion.

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