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Once upon a time
Not so long ago
There was a mock rapper that said "hello"
Verse 1: (TwistedThingz)
What he forgot to realize was he was already dead
Buried alive
But this ain't the end
I'll bring you back from the dead
No matter what,
I'll do it every weekend
Just to show everyone that your front is just pretend
Punk, whatchu gonna do without a paper and pen?
Verse 2: (Twisted Thingz)
This battle has risen up
Shifted thoughts
Welcome to prison, punk
You know you used to be loved
Sittin' there not knowin' what you's done
Not anymore
You loved by no one
He wants hardcore
I'll wipe him across the floor
Sounds repetitive
Or is it?
It's just unfinished business
I'm vicious
No need to discuss my battling methods again, bro
I'ma pass it to my homie 'Professional'
Here you go!
Verse 3: (Professional)
Supporting a child that's child support,
How can a seed sprout without support?
And Kobe Bryant just passed: life is short but for the most part
We have a heart but remain heartless like a kid getting bullied
Sittin' on a park bench
Pourquoi l’homme
I ain't French but we bout' to "raise a glass" to our victory
It ain't been a revelation.
Adding a lot to your life like a baby
But can't take care of it
Must be something
You want me to see cause
I bet the child's passed around from home to home
Verse 4: (TwistedThingz)
He's goin' from home to home
Just like all the people attackin' us, son
Clout, pout
Bodies melt
It's as if you didn't know you were alive, to begin with
Welcome to a 'professional' and 'twisted' style
You ain't done with
This is just the beginning
We're still vengeful
Guess who that kid was?
It doesn't matter now
That's just the past
This the present
It's time to channel that energy
Set for revenge
Spittin' like Eminem
We'll own you
Serve you up
You'll be the main course
The most delicious meal, since the last one from Ted Bundy
With no remorse
We'd eat you alive or dead
It doesn't matter to us
We're already ahead
Of you
You just ain't got a clue
Not yet
Two new Slim Shady's
'Cause we know we're the closest to the best on here
Everyone else on here bein' controlled
By a puppeteer
You whiter than a ghost
Soon you'll fade and disappear
It won't take long
We'll be in the clear from stupidity, dear

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