Such A Shame

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(Chorus 1)
Fool me once
Shame on you
But fool me twice
Shame on me-
I feel like
I already died
Cuz you made me think
That we were meant to be
All of the things you said
Got stuck inside my head
I don't know what you meant
Cuz you already left
I'm tired of switchin' sides
Why can't you just decide
Cuz you keep comin' back to me (Higher pitch)
I'm tired of all the lies
You wasted all my time
Why is it so hard to see? (Higher pitch)
(Chorus 2)
I wish that you'd try
I can't help but cry
That inside my mind
You're my reason why-
And it's just such a shame
You played me like a game
I can't fight through the pain
I'll never be the same
(Final Verse):
Why did you move on?
Why did you move o-n?
Why did you move on?
I really thought that we-
We'd be somethin' together
We'd be somethin' forever
We'd be somethin' together
You didn't even try
You left me there to die
Breakin' my heart is like suicide

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