Clean Slate pt. 1 Ft yeahz

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....oh the storms coming, will we make it inside, will we make it inside
my beliefs running, will i live through the night, will i live through the night
oh lord, will you just tell me where you're going
i need your help, and i need your time, oh why
i know what i like, just tell me, just tell me why
taming the anger and rage knowing that shit don't work no more and
ego's flourished a hero morning aint here no more and
i've been losing sleep tryna be the old me
dreaming of time machines rewriting history wipe it clean
cuz i don't like the way thats it looking, the way i look at me
thinking i'm a loser, no future with that discography
complaining doing nothing man no one's just gonna sign you, please
with that attidude get better luck begging on the street
a free service define worthless those cheap verses
are not saving you, it's not working so keep hurting
aint a king in you so keep turning and keep searching
for the heat in you you wont find it, you never do
whats wrong with you, go grab a tissue for all the issues thats running you
no man in you, i see that you are quitting like i knew you do
so keep crying dying inside knowing that you are screwed
man fuck that shit bringing it back like i'm king tang
making you mad like tyche, wet like pontus, lately i've been, i've been
acting like yeahz i'm the king like Ivan, i've been
pledge to myself like mormons, finding god in the mirror, i've been
doing mad things, like king tang vibing
I've been on the floor in this bedroom,
Washed up ashore, I need headroom
The calm before the storm
The medicine in store dripping down this beast's test tube
I don't know what's next, lately I ain't been stressed
No need to be depressed, designers want to send a check
It's envious people who wanna take my neck
But the Devil callin' their name, and he wants his debt
Got off my backside, tonight my name's in magazines and lightbulbs
If you threaten my gleam, your name's on magazines with your eyes closed
I'm amounting to mountains, At the top of fountains enjoying all the waterfalls
This is my get back, it's astoundin' to believe that I've once lost it all
we will say yes, we will say yes, say yes love, yes love
we will say yes, we will say yes, say yes love, yes love
we will say......

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