First Rap

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Beer and rum, I clear these sums,
Blast raps like fast macs from Lisbon to Cairo,
Egyptologists writing their fates in a crimson papyrus,
Only times my folks spoke of any "add" was for TV,
My flow lethal, you killed people for no rhyme or reason,
Fat dollars for rap scholars, I pull these before the final season,
Ruling Elites Legitimize stupidity, seek to breed incompetence,
Worship the devil, and they KNOW those on the fringes be awake,
tempests in Kuwait
Im like an activated artificial intelligence,
Living amongs bots in blocks,
Who pack no inventory to stop the cops,
Dumb down the generations,
I tried to free em, y'all come up on the wrong side of the deep end,
Im toting key pens,
Centerpiece stones to break the devils grip,
Rob you of your nine, decimate any virus like lime,
I find you blind to the crimes and the signs of the times,
I hit you with smart rhymes before level six,
Only needles y'all got was the metal pricks,
Run smooth grooves around the geometrical tapestry of minds,
Anamolous vocabulary, so any rappers declined,
Spoke of hemp in past tense,
You roll in mansions while I blast tents,
While I craft lens to see past any smog,
Y'all worship the bloodlines of serpents, in the form of demi-gods,
Freemasons and occult fraternities, who seek to cover,
Each other, for their crimes against mankind,
The worst cat to be taking the first rap,
The kind your folk hope to vote into power,
Never hesitate to grow past level eight,
Make you ponder these forces behind any rebels fate,
Flip these, and make the Devil wait,
Masonic swords represents the demonic hordes.

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