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[Verse 1]
I come from a generation of painkillers,
Slave dealers, pained sinners,
Their pay invested in K's, trained killers,
A waste of mind, nine's under the waste of mines
Could guarantee my protection
Like crime could pay me twice,
An Agenda pushing militia
Malicious talks over pistols
But when the pistol go bang
Then an artist turn to Cobain
I preached what my teachers taught me
They told me,
My parents will become victims,
To witness what their son had evolved too-
As I witness syringes and tilted personas that live
In broken homes, chrome stored in the drawer, like broken souls and spirits
My conclusion, I'm gifted with all the blueprints I'm given
To formulating a sentence, stanzas, lines into lyrics
[Verse 2]
Living through sorrow and agony, 'nother masterpiece
Formed by a storyline, and it's trials molding me casually
Dropped like atomic bombs, the waves forming catastrophes
Flames and sparks is all I could see, buildings start to collapse on me
Ice cream vans catching fire, melting metal and flying glass
Give a medal to children willing to live just to light the match
And the Molotov, the anger is the fuel, but the tears from the eyes
Soaking the tissue- sovereignty, ain't no stopping that
My state of mind creates a tune full of visions,
Like Nostradamus predictions of murders caused by ambition
Of millions, bitches in villas, stripped from their pride and I'm thinking like,
I'm a hero in a story where all that shit is my kryptonite-
I'm just a man, who's dreaming big, you should listen
From the drugs in my system, shit I talked on television
Freedom Per Speech, them parties that still roaming these streets
That appointed my rendezvous point with death,
Golden Dawn is all I can see..
[Verse 3]
Immortalizing my story, that is my only dream,
From, Orthodox preacher's going 'bout their Catholic schemes
Plastered on me, Is a Code of Bars that no one gets,
From my friends to my enemies, who aim and shoot for my head
Walking on tight ropes, that was designed as a noose for my neck
I ain't losing a second, I give my tooth as the proof
Or my head for this guillotine, I ain't got nothing to lose
Nothing I'd hide, I promised that I'd speak, nothing but truth
May I mean, nothing to you, but these words will live forever
Authority in my speech, for every tear that I'm shedding
Ambition in my dreams, for the drops of blood that I'm spitting,
After each of these verses, immortalizing my spirit.

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