The Value Of My Life

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Let me tell you a little 'bout I'm feeling lately
Best be careful or you'll think I'm a little crazy
I'm casting curses on the stupid fuckers that made me
'Cause all my emotions are gone, and now I'm just hating
Everything and everyone that has zero purpose
We are born just to die, we're all fucking worthless
I'm running past, head down, right into the hearses
And yet I still try to believe we do not deserve this
But what the fuck am I supposed to think when everything around me is crumbling?
I have nothing, I barely have a mind left
Exiting stage left, right out the back fucking door
I just might snap my neck and bleed to death you fucking whores
[Hook x2]
This is the value of my life
Not much
This is the value of my life
So now I'm turning to the knife
Too dull
I think it's time to end my life
[Outro x4]
Produced by selfkilla666.

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