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Breaking my back for a fan base of nothing
Ain't that something? Man, that's something
Can't tell me nothing
Life is a bitch, that ain't nothing new
It's all fun and games until it's you
My neck is on the line now, chopping block guillotine
I'm very mean and straight obscene
Fuck up the scene, won't grace your screen
With my ugly mug, horrid cup overflows
Feels like an overdose, dunk on these hoes
No gardenware, only need a shovel
To bury ops, oops, eep, fuck, can't talk too loud
Or they might hear me coming, creeping through the bushes
Give me the W, don't speak Japanese, might need to dub you
I cause trouble everywhere I stick my nose in
Mosin Nagant to pick you off a mile away
And scope in to watch the blood spray
Splatter, killshot, no MGK, I am here to stay
Feel just a bit off, damn, my head begins to sway
Produced by Angelvs. https://youtube.com/channel/UCZf2LbwR4yUGygJjbWbCbyw

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