war freestyle (prod. NXAY)

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It’s been too long
Since I have wrote anything I can sing along to
Hit a wall
Tricky to peak when the pressure’s on you
Missed your call
Don’t leave a message, we’re destined to fall through
It’s my fault
This my admission, I’m wishing for all new
Swiftly gone, I’m lost in the moment they snatched away
What little hope I still had left in my soul from the past few days
Just went broke, try to refrain from fixating on cash today
Shit's too cold, all of you claim to feel pain and I can't relate
Know that I’m finna pull more than my weight
Just stepped in the game and I’m already great
Already planning my sorcery
Sure to be sorry if you end up caught in the way
Arteries spray and hallways get covered in strawberry paint
Horde of the faint-hearted dart in the dark to the door to escape
Board up the gate
Bored of these games that they play while ignoring they fate
With the forty at waist
And the fork in the lane
Which way will I go?
Which road will I take?
I’m praying alone
Just show me my place
Show me the fakest in status of fame
I’ll state it again
Show me the fakest in status of fame
Elevated my
Brain keep on moving to the next shit
I’ll refrain from alluding to my death wish
All that changed when success hit
Name on the guest list
Pain turned to blessings
Blessed that my pain was the essence
Gaining investments
Vest put a strain on my records
Destined to aim for the top
From the drop i’ve been raising my level
Left with no options I constantly sweat shit
Conscious with message
Consonant chemist
God with the pen game
Gone with the wind
I took off fore the ending
Solemn as sin
When the coffin’ll exit
Bobbing my head as the
Confidence sets in
Setting me
Setting me farther apart
Enemies target my heart
Counting my remedies
Ten of these, harder to part with amenities
Spending my energy all on my art
Hard as the hardest of victories fought
What in the fuck is you charging me for?
The falling economy costing me more
To be caught up in poverty, properly torn
Property gone so I gotta move on
I’m a prodigy, probably going too strong
Coughing in pain as my voice going raw
But you mentioned my name and you started a war

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