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ahh so many people one the hit list so i might as well put them
one track first off
Violet you call yourself the side bitch of kazz but you look like a
dude shit even sound like one two let me find kazz mad gay like i
already didn't know back to violet i thought you where a cool
person but you just a straight bitch you just garbage
they say knowledge is power but for you it ain't no power in anything
you do just straight stupid as fuck i will make a call you ass will
get drugged throw the streets my crew leave you bloody anybody
Oh yeah kazz man you just fucked up cause you ain't got no hoes
that are female you sucking man meat in the parking lot da baby
you act crazy but you ain't talking shit are you well then let do this
cause not only can i talk it i act it nigga hang your ass from a tree
in the middle of town like this the wild wild west dressed like a
broke nigga when my hand get on that trigger you dead i don't
stop till i feel like you dead and wounded quit the shit your mamma
can even love you to tell you get the fuck out on your own bruh
43 still living with his mother i pull this .44 you dead)
who next oh yeah
the major of bitch's mommy milker 15 still sucking on you mamma
tits not in a sex but in a baby way she still carry you in a car seat
you wish you could still beat your meat see i bring the heat when
it come to nigga like you thought you cool disrespect my gang
that the gold of getting your ass beat see you had meat but you
got in cut off so you can get so tits but you still can't leave your
mamma tits alone
i think i am finished oh what
some desperate niggas talking about they want on this track but
they wack not even going to say there name but they know who
they are this shit far from over

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