'dis hurt so good

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exey jus' came by
to grab 'dey stuff
i sez, it'z nun of mah' bizniss
'dey gettin' all huffy
actin' all puffy
u makin' me stuffy
so es-tee-eff-yu
i'ma run 'dis game
makin' a name
u'ze tryin' to be sane
i'm way too high
neva' gonna' catch my style
even if u try an' practice awhile
u onna' kilometer
i'm roundin' my eighth mile
how to catch a predator
disassemble racial barriers
f*ckn white america with my ju-cock
i kno it hurts bae, butt i ain't gonna stop
hurt's so good, bae
ain't neva' gonna stop

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