FTDubbz - Up & Down

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Cold showers and cocaine, I’m still coming down from up mane/
I’m still learning down from up, but I’m up to get down, if down leads me up/
But up’s down to the one’s who just want some love/
Down’s up to the one’s who just have too much/
And some just feel down so they cop some “up”/
But that “up” leads down when it’s got a clutch/
I hit the clutch, windows down, and we blazing up/
Through downs and ups, a thousand cuts, a thousand cunts, still could never down my ups, get down I’m up, you down for what?/
A couple rounds to the crown, bout to switch shit up/
In my soul, I know the flows dope so, I role solo, show goes to show how low hoes go, so bro/
Don’t fold to foes for, no reason, believe in yoself/
Get up and find a reason for pleading for help/
There’s, no reason for leaning on people bleeding themselves/
Get up and get it yoself, count on nobody else/
(Aye) They coming for the cheddar, I’m Shredder so if they get it then it’s V for Vendetta, these rappers “Fall”, not the weather, I’m jumping off with propeller/
Breaking outta the cellar, I got the pen to the paper, and I just keep getting better/
Seems like it’s been forever, that I been tryna spread my vocab like it was an umbrella, meanwhile the flow was developed, I got a flow from the heavens, but then I act like a devil/
Got my foot on the petal, my mental falling like pedals, I just can’t keep it together/
Up and down, and it goes on forever, and even though one is better, without the other then it just isn’t special/

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