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Taking my heat from me? Never again.
Only time you be bloods is if you General Chen.
You gonna get hunted forever unless
You give back what is mine. Yall will never forget
What I can do to you. Act professional men.
Can't comprehend? Just use your temporal sense.
The heat's rightfully mine. So you better confess.
Yall being dense. When you not using your head.
Twenty hundred men tryna break in your house.
I know where you are, so don't hide just come out.
Yall ain't heat, but you try to be. You be proud.
Don't even try. Acting like you somebody else.
Cuz I've been working all night I be sweating man
But you stole all of my fire. Well forget it then.
Try to pay you debts with my heat? You in the negatives.
You want credit? Pay then with my debit cuz you desperate.

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