Fake 2 me

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go listen to full song by my bro LooneydaKid
this is not my song

Amiri my fit, she like Woah Woah Woah Woah
He cant flex like this he to broke broke broke broke
pulled up witcho bitch, yeah you know know know know
snowglobe on my wrist i'm to cold cold cold cold
yeah you know know know know
you don't know about me
watch your mouth around me
didn't have shit like Rock Lee
In the strip club and your bitch she on me
I cannot fuk with nobody
I got myself and this 9 right beside me
feeling all right most likely
in the whip smoking big blunts for the high
she wanna link tonight
break her off don't need her twice
I feel like the man, or the guy
she said she meet me in her dreams
sorry girl I'm just focused on greens
sorry I'm just focused on me
I can't trust no bitch except my bitch but they all fake 2 me
yeah she fake fake fake fake
she cannot hang hang hang hang
not with the gang gang gang gang
fuk what you say say say say
bitch you a lame lame lameee lameeeee

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