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I slur out what comes about with flamboyancy. i sit and lmao like a joker enjoyably.
Commence to poppin' motherfuckers copy it fatalefficiently i delete then flee
Lexiee definitely a joker, no joke when she sprayed that
Pouring liquor for my niggas that was killed, send em back
These hoes say i'm a poet i try to make em different
Misogyny and homophobia, guns and crimes and,
What it truly means to be just a joker, huh,
Got all the black bitches mad cause my main bitch vanilla
And remember what i said and
Fill up the plug, lemme light my blunt
I'm bad ass, renegade type of dude on a new harley
Funny how money, chains and whips make me feel free
There's a joker on the loose from the psychiatric ward
Oh, not again! another critic writing report
Grab the scissors and saws and
She can only live for the moment

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