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Been awhile since I started
Spending time up on tarpit, fore I even thought of launchin
Diving thru the waves, searching rap for the uncharted
People wanted choppy when the boat was getting rocky
So I'm searching for my purpose, If I really do deserve it
I mean I do, but in life the truths uncertain
Now I'm cleaning up my act and I'm reworking my verbage
Thats the thing about being a better person
Yet I lack the skills to thrive, until I need em last minute
and then I lose em all, once the deed i need is finished
This frame of reference heavy, i think i need a different image
The pressure on my back leaves an imprint on my limits
back when my movie pictures came from bible scriptures
I struggled english lit my teachers thought my skull was thicker
Took a long while to figure out my mind was richer
Its really just experience that caused my mind to differ
Yet my connection to erybody caused my mind to simmer
Had to slither to my brain just to right a sinner
I swore I'd tell my momma then it became an after dinner
then after after winter when it came the matter simmered
Excited to write, wrote an album off of one track
I made the same shit, I really had to scrap half
The best ones kept, the others thrown into the trash
But the last of my scraps is the best yall would have
Worked so much on my penance that my pen got mad
Wrote a whole rap sheet like who made that man mad
Just the strive to perfection and passion made him like that
To the journey for freedom that my fam never had
Yet the Lack of motivation is the only thing that sank me
In a sea of life, I seek for life, the water gave me safety
But the safety omits, when I dive into the midst of it
Cause and correlation, now I'm drowning with the ship I'm in
Been on both sides of the truth, drake and quentin in the booth
Is it the engine for the function or the stars on the roof
Would you get a rolls royce, cause the way that it drives
or get a jeep wrangler for the leather inside
I'm tryna see what has god done got for me
Is it artistry
Problem skills, my thinking honestly
Am I thinking honestly?
Possibly, at the most its partially
Only possibles when your checking constantly
Pondering life, questioning all that is known
Everything from my story to the way that its told
How am i supposed to keep up, when my days grow old
Keep on rolling till you see an avalanche unfold
How was I born to be safe in world grown to hate
History repeats itself, so my future is great
Got a dinner date with danger, got alot on my plate
Set sail for my fate, now my journey awaits

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