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Extra judicial vile style, operations knock unconscious college techniques,
Designs inclined to set scores, get your concert knowledge checked deep
The MC pastor hybrid, ghetto raised who mack a dais, fickle and sold kush,
Remedy for the industry, tired watching the lackadaisical unfold, shush!
Musical Renaissance, I bring it out through this rawest cadence and rhyme,
Art like Rembrandt for record labels, side hustle dishonest, made it to crime,
Rappers get sent back to school, slammed on sonnets eighty two times,
We gonna make the unforgettable impact, solitary comets waiting to shine,
100 dollar bills, cause this scholars ill, make you holler till verbal orgasm,
Roll the tight weed, might need to have the baller feel herbal phantasms,
Leaving the femme fatales around me breathless, like they need ventilators,
Pen game delivery sick, one rapper who got the whole internet catching Ls,
Generating lethal mind games, deadly controlled intellect hatching spells,
I make your best look primitive, opposition portrayed like they in dark ages,
Tempt you like the Serpent did Eve, and Im out akin to a fading Archangel,
These mathematics enumerated in my body, I embody hate in the lyrics,
Baiting cynics, seeking infinity in Sin City, fearless, baiting the pheonix,
Yo when I spit the exquisite, get your city clamouring for my next visit,
Minds limit I exceed it in the disgraceful invasive incendiary showcase,
These unheard words provide flight of mind like birds, a cathartic release,
Delivering fresh with no stress, breath and depth, like the asthmatics reprieve,
Indicated knowledge of syndicated colleges, we got that mathematics retrieved
Legal positions occupied in this rap game, judicial: paramount to invoke
Boys running with a shackled mindset, its tantamount crews bring hope,
Memories recalled lead to dire physiology, the past panic here to stay,
Our words like scripture, imposing, mobilising the last man in fear to pray,
Decimate any synthetic MC with my wordplay, break like a plastic spoon,
The classic goon, make you see a casket soon, blasting drastic tunes,
Dropping bars harder than Jerry with an anvil, I crush industry Toms,
As a writer I don't satisfice any literary device, got lyrical ominous devotion,
Empirically superior to the opposition, my words set dominos in motion,
Like to think Im like Shakespeare, cept only plays I make are for the throne,
A mixture like tincture, Stallone and Capone, wacko flacko a pack of weed,
Enthusiast of the kush crop, my system processing grass like a combine indeed,
The clever ever confined to the systems box, interim solutions pacify minds,
I sever ties to negative elements I accumulated, my past imbibed thine,
Had to rote learn the rhyme book, now I leave time shook, always mistook,
My bite reveals the deep tooth, spitting in an ill equipped booth, uncouth,
Delivering pyro flows, severing entire gyroscopes out of average positions,
Universe flipped, life imitating art, get to know about a savage premonition,
A joke, folk claim fame, never crack tracks and become egg yolk, revoked,
You claim to be popping but upon close inspection my radar detect few echoes,
Underground sounds of the dog pound, distributing the bars effecting ghettos,
Im on TV like I hijacked the airwaves, never seen fair play, psychopathic rule,
Talented but fragmented, training and dedication improve the mics erratic fool
Despots run crews with red dots, hit like headbutts, where lead must spray,
Blasting buckshot's at the truck spot, my lucks got me contemplating deep,
In this grimy metropolis where we play for keeps, earning a flagrant defeat,
Indeed my hairline recedes, in these times of stress, dressing up contests,
Moving like the military, proving that unmatched skill, undressing a war chest,
Dismal fiscal, my policies quality, symbolic, burning the earned, like a forest fire,
I induce a hornets ire, like a comets quagmire, cash flow, the torrents dire,
The words I capture will have your dome ringing similar to a loud bell,
The proud sell their art, found hell in self expression, designs are a hard sell,
Rhymes sure to reach your moms cranium, radioactive flow, bombs uranium,
Opposition not ready for these taut constructs, lyrical catacombs of titanium,
Spit flows so pyro, knocking you out the orbit, sounding morbid, you forfeit,

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