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notdead's Notes

act 1 & 2
1: from the dickrider
2: from me

ironically, when i finished this song, i had someone text me asking about if i can cop them an uber ride (i dont even use that shit) and someone else texted me asking for money lmfao, the way shit works is fun; ironic as well due to the fact they dont know me well

prod. notdead + pink
art: notdead
lyrics: notdead
mixed: notdead
///VERSE 1
Heard I missed your birthday,
Did the club go up that Thursday?
Can I Have a couple bucks, Because I think I’m getting thirsty
I was in the tree bark
Right there where the birds stay
Where I come from it’s usually dark
It’s why i didn’t get this call early
Saw you making moves,
I guess it can be just us two
Your art got turned into Tattoos?
Yeah, I think That’s pretty cool
So what have you been up to
Do you still go to school?
We can catch up and eat too
Heard that people wanna be you
Im tryna come up with you if youd understand my situation
I have to be my own man and show the entire nation
But I see you as a shortcut Oops, I mean inspiration
I’ve been working hard, fuck, you can see the perspiration
Can we be acquaintance,
surely I’ve been waiting
Your atmosphere Ive been tainting
I hope to see you make it
When you hop on stages
Make sure you picture everybody naked
And when shit hits the AC
Stay away from hatred
Stay away from me
///this part was an accident, i dropped down the pitch of the stay away from hatred part but it got changed up due to my limiter and it turned into "stay away from me"]
Just got this voice mail on my work day
I know You wanna fuck around but it’s been years since i had play dates
I cross my Ts and Dot my Eyes,
But To me its all Just Word play
can’t pick up the phone it just picks up unwantedness
All along and all y’all *beep* But I digress
Hop off my dick, these are my accomplishments
Everything That I worked hard for, limitations that I’ve met
When life gives you lemons you make lemonade
Yet I was given eggs, made eggs Benedict and Slammed it on a plate
If we were face to face, best believe I’m step on yours
You wanna use me as a stepping board
A stool or more
I’ll use you as fuel to the burning floor
A forest fire of compassion and talent that built up over time
Shit that you won’t know unless you grind
Don’t hit me up unless you paying a fine
Next time you call, I’m blocking before hitting decline

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