Signs FT Emily

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Speedy's Hook:
We see the signs of a spiritual war between earth and God
Lord bless us with safety we repent we not like the hot Rod (Satan)
We seeing signs yeah gotta repent before it's too late stop the hate
Speedy's Lyrics:
People wanna hide themselves in Satan's eyes not Jesus's eyes
People wanna hook up just trust him don't you see the devil's lies
God wanna get to know you not to loose you he the high king oh
he says whoever turned you cold baby just don't take the ring oh
Darling he will set you free not forcing religion can't live without him
Jesus sweet Jesus remind me to be good everyday the sins can't dim
Jesus is coming so you better be ready i'm ready to fight the demons
Jesus's love is like sweet tea even when you're bad but with lemons
You know Jesus is a winner baby i'm a sinner can't you forgive me
(Emily: get it Cass okay yeah)
Emily's Lyrics:
Mama fussing cause i'm going crazy for love but now i found the light
God setting me free no one can make me feel good like him no night
He sees me and you so chill don't cuss me out i'm a child i know right
hard to dance alone but with God i have the whole crew yeah i'm in love
Jesus is a savage Jesus destroyed the temple cause people selling dove
Angels around me i'm going home tonight so don't call me tonight baby
Signs they are everywhere life is not good
People they doing sins lust in the o'l hood
why why why

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